Outreach Services

Being a part of a community is an integral part of living a balanced life. Bonaventure’s outreach support is tailored to meet the individual’s needs and assist in reaching their goals. We partner with individuals, families, caregivers to create a customized personal support plan. Outreach provides support in the following areas:

• Building personal support networks within the community
• Social activities
• Sexual Health and Education
• Community integration
• Recreation and promotion of good physical
health and mental well being
• Employment, including discovery, job development, pre-employment services, and job sustanment.

Key principles that are interwoven throughout the services include:
• Trauma-informed care principles
• Well Being and Resiliency
• Cultural and Linguistic Competency
• Strengths-Based

We have unique programs within our outreach community.

Bonaventure Belles

Bonaventure Belles is a program that was developed in 2015 from a place of need for young women searching for socialization, a place to belong, and a sense of community. The group focuses on social and life skills. They have guest speakers come in, they go into the community for events and activities, they prep, cook, and eat together.

Recreation Program

Bonaventure organizes recreation activities that are available to all Bonaventure Individuals. These activities encourage socialization, team sports, physical activity, and community. Our Rec Coordinator thrives on coming up with new, fun, and creative activities that change with the season.

Bonaventure Bros

Bonaventure Bros started as a night for the men in our program. It began as a dinner night and has grown into a 4-6-hour day or evening where they guys share a meal together and an activity. There is a strong focus on life and social skills in this group.

Sexual Health Education

Bonaventure has it’s very own sexual health educator. Bonaventure believes, individuals should be supported and or assisted to acquire accurate information regarding this hygienic and anatomical functioning of their bodies, and the impact of their emotions and related actions on themselves and on others.

Skill Development

This support is to help cultivate skills within the individual that are required for living in a healthy environment and independent living. This support can be done in the home or in the community.

Home Based

This support is based in the home depending on the needs of the individual. Similar to community inclusion, it could include learning some new skills, participating in recreational or social activities.


This support is based in out in the community. Support to participate in community activities outside the individual’s home. Developing skills such as grocery shopping, appointments, and enjoying the different activities the community has to offer.


Through customized, supportive or self-employment options, we work with the individual to find their passion and where their interests lie to find a place of employment that gives them satisfaction and a place to belong. We can use a variety of methods to find the right fit.

Host Agency

We assist Individuals to create their support arrangements and find caregivers.

Bonaventure takes on the administrative tasks of becoming the employer, so the individual and the families don’t have to!

Referrals are made by CLBC.  Funding is dependent on the service type allocated by CLBC.