Host Agency & Supported Living

We assist Individuals to create their support arrangements and find caregivers.

Bonaventure takes on the administrative tasks of becoming the employer, so the individual and the families don’t have to!

Referrals are made by CLBC.  Funding is dependent on the service type allocated by CLBC.

Supported living addresses the desires, goals, strengths, abilities, needs, health, safety, and life span issues of persons living in their own homes (apartments, townhouses, or other residential settings). Supported living services are generally long term in nature, but may change in scope, duration, intensity, or location as the needs and preferences of individuals change over time.

When you access supported living, you live independently in a home in your community that you own, lease or rent, and get some help with daily living. This can include things like cooking, budgeting, personal care, recreation, and connecting to your community. People who a funded with this option are generally quite independent.

Supported living might be the only CLBC-funded support you receive, or it could be one part of your plan. The kind and amount of support you receive is based on the need for support in specific areas.