Community housing is provided in partnership with individuals and may include housing for adults as well as child/youth with diverse abilities. The services are designed to assist the persons served to achieve success in and satisfaction with community living. The services are focused on home and community integration and engagement in productive activities. Community housing enhances the independence, dignity, personal choice, and privacy of the persons served.
Bonaventure has 10 homes that provide 24/7 support care within the neighborhoods of the Nanaimo and Parksville areas. They address the desires, goals, strengths, abilities, needs, health, safety, of the persons served, within the residences in which services are provided.
• Homes are comfortable, well-maintained and reflect the character of the people who live there.
• Qualified staff support person served within the home and help connect Individuals to community resources, build on life skills and promote personal choice and independence.

Key principles that are interwoven throughout the services include:
• Trauma-informed care principles
• Well Being and Resiliency
• Cultural and Linguistic Competency
• Strengths Based
• Individualized services based on assessment of the child and families unique Strengths, Needs, Abilities and Preferences (SNAP).

Adult Services

Bonaventure Support Services is contracted to provide supports and services on behalf of Community Living British Columbia (CLBC). CLBC is a crown corporation that has been given legislative responsibility governing all services to adult persons with developmental diverse abilities in British Columbia.

Staffed housing support can have a positive impact on your quality of life, emphasizing inclusion and self determination.

Supports and approach is Person centered, reflecting choice, community living and active participation while maintaining the safety requirements.

Childern and Youth Services CYS

Bonaventure is contracted by the Ministry of Child and Family Development to provide housing services to children under the Child, Family and Community Service Act.

MCFD’s primary focus is to support all children and youth in British Columbia to live in safe, healthy and nurturing families and be strongly connected to their communities and culture. The Ministry supports the well-being of children, youth and families in British Columbia by providing and contracting services with agencies like Bonaventure, that are accessible, inclusive, and culturally respectful.

Referrals are made through the Children and Youth with Special Needs (CYSN) office of MCFD and reviewed and approved through a collaborative approach, funded by MCFD.

Throughout Bonaventure’s CYS services, the focus is on quality of services being achieved through child and family driven services. This begins with collaboration of a support network and to involve the child and family in the design, implementation, delivery and ongoing evaluation of services throughout the duration of care.

CYS Respite

Respite services facilitate access to time-limited, temporary relief from the ongoing responsibility of providing for the needs of the person served, families. Respite services may be provided in the home; in the community; or a Bonaventure staffed resource home within a neighborhood community.
Respite services may be planned or unplanned and may provide services of a short duration, such as respite for medical appointments, or longer duration, such as vacation or emergency coverage. Respite programs are not an alternative for placement.
Referrals are made through the Children and Youth with Special Needs (CYSN) office of MCFD and reviewed and approved through a collaborative approach, funded by MCFD.

Anchor Place

Buttertubs Place

Sanctuary Place

Mariner Place

Quarterway Place


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