Home Share

What is Home Share?

Home-sharing is a residential living option in which an adult with diverse abilities and who is eligible for CLBC services shares a home with a person contracted to provide ongoing support and assistance to them. Home Share living arrangements vary, with individuals having the choice to live with either a family, roommate, couple, or in their own suite within a family home.

Home share or shared living as its also known, enables adults with diverse abilities to choose a living situation that addresses their unique needs and lifestyle preferences, where supports may include assistance in self and personal care, life skill and relationship-building, meal preparation, as well recreational support, and community participation. Individuals supported may prefer home sharing as an option as it provides an ideal balance of assistance and independence, which are flexible and can be adapted as needs change.

This support model allows individuals to share a home with a caregiver (Shared Living or Home Share Provider) that will meet their specific and individualized preferences. Home Sharing provides increased opportunities for people to establish and build on natural relationships and social connections within their immediate community.

There are two types of shared living support:

  • Home Sharing: Being the most common type of shared living which involves you living in the shared living provider’s home
  • Live-in support: In this type of shared living support, you receive support in your own home.

Becoming a Home Share Provider

Bonaventure Support Services (BSS) contracts with CLBC to provide home-sharing support with the agency has the responsibility to approve potential home-sharing providers, only for those who have the skills, disposition, and residential housing to provide high-quality home-sharing support to individuals-served.

“While sharing your home with an individual with a diverse ability can be an extremely rewarding experience, it is important to be aware that it is not entirely without its challenges. Becoming a Home Share Provider is more than a job. It is a lifestyle choice.” 

Home Sharing Providers and their family must be willing to make a long-term commitment to provide residential support to the person in their home.

Home Share Providers represent diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds and Bonaventure honors these different values and cultures of individuals, families and home share providers when matching individuals to their providers. Bonaventure is committed to finding the best match possible knowing that the success of Home Share is based on the development of a close, positive relationship between the individual, the home share provider, and Bonaventure Support Services.

All Home Share Providers undergo a comprehensive home study process which builds on successful home sharing arrangements by matching individuals with a provider who is best suited to meet their unique needs and preferences, starting with an inclusive Home Study process for the provider and then a Person-Centered Plan for the individual. It is essential that the desires, needs, and values of all involved are honored and respected.

Approval of a home share provider does not guarantee a contract arrangement between the provider and agency. Contracts may be issued when the individual-served and their family agree that a potential candidate meets the individual’s needs and preferences for support. 

Your role is to provide safe care and support to the individual in a non-judgmental, and inclusive environment. You are responsible for the safety, health, and well-being of the person supported, and for making sure that person has the opportunity for personal and social development both inside and outside of your home. Providers must be dedicated to enhancing the life of the person in their care focusing on optimizing independence, self-determination, and choice.

Prerequisites- To be considered as a potential Home Share candidate, you must meet the following basic requirements:

Potential candidates are expected to have previous experience supporting adults with a developmental disability, with the following detailing some of the prerequisites for becoming a home sharing provider.

  • Criminal record check for every individual above the age of 18 residing in the home
  • Name and contact information for three references (employment and character)
  • Current First Aid Certificate (Emergency First Aid for Residential Adult Care, or Safety Oriented First Aid)
  • Completed Application form
  • Completed Health & Safety check
  • A completed Medical Assessment Form from your Doctor 
  • Experience and/or training in a relevant field
  • A valid Driver’s License and current Driver’s Abstract
  • Valid home and vehicle insurance

Home sharing providers are expected to understand and promote the vision, mission, and values of CLBC and the contracted agency, while most importantly be able to provide a safe and welcoming home that affords the individual opportunities for full inclusion.

For more information or to receive an application please call: 250-585-1437 Or apply directly online.

Bonaventure Home Sharing Information:

  • Bonaventure Shared Living Guide for Home Share Providers
  • Individual & Family Handbook
  • Quality of Life Report
  • Health and Safety Checklist
  • Monitoring Tool