Outreach Services

Community Inclusion

Being a part of a community is an important part of our day.  It brings meaning to our lives when we feel we contribute to, are a part of and engage in the community.  This support is done outside of the individual’s home.  Within this area of support there can be a focus on social, recreational or vocational, or a combination

We have two unique programs within our Nanaimo community

    • Bonaventure Belles is a program that was developed in 2015 from a place of need from young women searching for socialization, a place to belong and a sense of community.  The group focuses on social and life skills, they have guest speakers come in, they go into the community to events and activities, the prep, cook and eat together as well and 
    • Bonaventure Bros started as a night for the men in our program.  It began as a dinner night and has grown into a 4-6-hour day or evening where they guys share a meal together and an activity.  There is a strong focus on life and social skills in this group.

Staff consists mainly of Community Support Workers and skilled workers with various backgrounds in community services.  Training is ongoing.  Staff and management strive to continuously upgrade their skills and education.   

Each individual requesting services is given 3 options (preferencing) for support by CLBC and we have an opportunity to speak with those to explain our program and inquire what they require and would prefer for services.  

Our support staff navigate with various community programs and services; PWD, MCFD, Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, Mental health and addiction services.

Nanaimo Adult

Our outreach program reaches into the community to assist individuals who are living independently or are living at home, but working on community inclusion, skill development, socials skills, employment, etc.  In Sept 2016 we moved our Nanaimo program space to a commercial space as we outgrew the previous house used.  

This program currently runs Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm with options for weekend support.  This program has our Bonaventure Belles on Tuesdays and The Bonaventure Bros on Fridays.

Duncan Adult

In Oct 2016 we moved into our Duncan outreach space.  We had been providing support with the community for several months and needed a space to grow roots.  This program supports many individuals in the community with FASD, Autism and addictions. Our support focuses on assisting in community inclusion, skill development, social skills, employment, etc.    These individuals find homelessness and unemployment to be huge challenges for them.  

This program is home to a Dungeon and Dragons group that meets weekly.

This program currently runs Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm with options for weekend support.  

Parksville Adult

January 2017 we moved our Parksville support to a new location.  We had been providing support within the community for a year and needed a space to grow roots.  This space accommodates several diverse individuals who receive 1-1 support throughout the week.  This community has a diverse population that averages 20+ per week of support.  

This program is open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.  

All our programs are based on the individual’s interests, needs and goals, are flexible when needed and are all extremely supportive.  Training and skill development is ongoing. 

Teams consist of Child and Youth workers, Early Childhood Educators, Community Support Workers, Social Workers and many that have diplomas or degrees in a human services field.

Nanaimo Youth

The Nanaimo Youth program was established in 2015 originating from community interest.  It is a CARF accredited program and runs a few unique programs based on community need.  We work closely with MCFD to develop programs needed for families.  

We have an afterschool program that runs year round and offers full day programs during school breaks.  This program is a 3 to 1 ratio.  Within that program there are youth that receive 1:1 support based on their needs.  A majority of the youth have autism and have co-concurring mental health concerns.  This program focuses on life skills and social development among the teens.   

We have a weekend program for a set of twins and a ‘learning’ type program.  

This program is flexible to different scenarios that present itself.  The program is open 7 days a week at various times as required.

Parksville Youth

July 2018 was the beginning of this program.  We lease a space from an old elementary school building.  This program grew from a need in the community for youth programming for those with autism or other diversabiltities.   The program was very well received for the summer and has continued with before and after school programming.  This program also provides spring, summer and pro d full day programming.  The program is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.

Skill Development

This support is to help cultivate skills within the individual that are required for living in a healthy environment and independent living.  This support can be done in the home or in the community.  

Home Based

This support is based in the home depending on the needs of the individual.  Similar to community inclusion, it could include learning some new skills, participating in recreational or social activities.


Through customized, supportive or self-employment options, we work with the individual to find their passion and where their interests lie to find a place of employment that gives them satisfaction and a place to belong.  We can use a variety of methods to find the right fit.