Residential Services

Adult Housing (CLBC)

Staffing consists mainly of Community Support Workers, Residential Aids and skilled workers with various backgrounds in community services.  Training is ongoing, and staff and management strive to continuously upgrade their skills and education. 

Quarterway Place (QWP)

Quarterway Place is a Community Care Facilities-licensed, CARF accredited, 4 bed residential home for adults, which is staffed 24/7.  This program was established in 2009.  

We are funded entirely by Community Living B.C. (CLBC).  They are responsible for referrals and placements.

Youth Housing (MCFD)

All our programs are based on the individual’s interests, needs and goals, are flexible when needed and are all extremely supportive.  Training occurs when ever possible.  

Teams consist of Child and Youth workers, Early Childhood Educators, Community Support Workers, Social Workers and many employees that have diplomas or degrees in a human services field. All youth housing staff are subjected to additional security screening by MCFD.  Referral and placement is done through MCFC

Rock City Place

Ross Place

Sanctuary Place

Departure Bay Place

Divers Lake Place