In December of 2008, Andy Reynolds was approached by CLBC with regards to supporting a young man who was soon aging-out of youth services. This young man had an extensive history and had been recognized as a youth that required 24-hour care. A few other organizations were offered this contract but had turned it down due to what appeared, on paper, to be a very challenging young man. With some consultation, Andy chose to leave his current employer and take on this contract. Andy had been working with behaviourally and developmentally challenged youth for 11 years prior to opening our company.  He was with 2 different organizations over the course of that time and climbed the ladder as far as he could go before breaking out on his own.

Within 6 weeks, Bonaventure Support Services hired its first employees and began training sessions. Our company officially welcomed its first individual on February 24, 2009.  Within a month, we had 2 other people we were supporting…two receiving residential care and the other being supporting with outreach support.  

In November 2009, we moved the individuals we were supporting to our current location on Quartereway Place and began the task of becoming licensed through Community Care Licensing. Once that was approved we could accept more residents into the residential program.

The summer of 2011 our Outreach services started growing through CLBC’s PSI (Personal Supports Initiative) program.  We purchased a duplex on Departure Bay Road and supported two independently-living individuals one on each side.  

May 2014, we become approved to offer Employment and be a Host Agency for CLBC. Trina joined the company on a full-time basis in July of that year.   The Outreach program grew some more in September offering social programming during the week.   

September, we saw the Outreach program open to the community.  There was an open house and members of the community were invited to see the new programs.   The Outreach office moved to Rock City Place and the Girl Talk program began with 2 individuals.   As the year went on, the PSI and DD outreach programs grew.  In May of 2015 there was more interest in a youth program and we opened a youth program after school.  In the summer of 2015 we introduced our Outreach Program Coordinator and Youth Program Coordinator 

In 2016 our company exploded.  We grew so fast with adding adult individuals in Nanaimo, we needed a dedicated space.  In September, we moved to Baron’s Place, we added a new youth residential program to Rock City Place and continued to speak with MCFD about more programs.  We also added a program space to the Duncan area.  

2017 brought more growth with adding a dedicated program space for our Parksville team in February, adding a space for our youth before and after school in March, opened a youth residential program in Parksville in April, moved our head office to a new space which allowed us to create another respite space in Nanaimo in May and in June, we started providing respite to youth in Nanaimo.  In the fall of 2017, we added a new residential program to our growing family.  

As we entered 2018, we felt as though we were catching up, until the spring/early summer when we were approached by 3 different communities to add new programs.  We opened a girls residential in Nanaimo home, a youth outreach program in Parksville and a youth residential program for Port Alberni in Nanaimo.   We re-located a residential program to a new location as well.   

This year, 2019, we have worked hard on strengthening our core, building our programs and ensuring we are providing the support that is needed.  We have had some bumps along the way but become stronger through it and our relationships continue to grow in the community.

We continue to work with CLBC in Duncan, Nanaimo and Parksville,  and MCFD in Parksville, Nanaimo and Port Alberni.  We support Claro and NUKO learning centres and the Autism and FASD societies in town.